My transformational events help you wake up, show up, and own your life. You’ll leave with a new perspective and appreciation for yourself and others.

Get the Relationship You Want WORKSHOP

Whether you dream of finding that special relationship, desire to meet new friends, or want open and honest communication with your need a space tween/teen, then this workshop is a must! No matter what type of rapport you’re striving for with anyone—whether you’ve just met or need a space have known each other all your lives—communication skills are the key to success.

The Get the Relationship You Want workshop is a half-day workshop, absolutely packed with the information, tools, and support you’ll need so you can begin, creating more profound, meaningful and understanding relationships.

While you’re enjoying the teaching and relatable stories, you’ll also discover:

  • How important taking responsibility for your words, actions, and choices are in any relationship
  • How to properly acknowledge and value yours and the other person’s emotions
  • The strategies for creating strong bonds and establishing profound emotional intimacy
  • How to get others to respect and meet your relationship needs and boundaries
  • And so much more!

You’ll also walk away with the best tools you can use for the rest of your life. These include scripts, worksheets, and meditations that you can practice daily in the comfort of your own home so you can master the art of proper communication and gain the relationship you want with ease and confidence.

"I will encourage anyone who wants to improve their relationship with themselves andtheir significant others to attend this workshop."


Tenshy Perdomo- Calgary Participant

"This was truly a life changing workshop for me- I had many insights into my own space patterns and struggles. I came out of it with real concrete ways to show up and be in a space place of vulnerable integrity."


Katrina Kienast- Calgary Participant

"This was a very insightful workshop, packed with great info, easy to assimilate, with lots space of opportunity for clarification and application of principles."


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