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I will help you turn an unhealthy relationship full of conflict into one where you are heard, understood, and loved. Through my expertise, smart relationship strategies, and compassion, I help you rediscover how unique and magnificent you truly are and, also, how much you have to offer in a relationship.

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Uncage Your Emotions Course

Let's discover YOU!

Do you lack the confidence needed to create and sustain a beautiful, meaningful relationship? Do you find yourself playing the blame-game when things go wrong? I can help you discover how to find the joy in life again, how to appreciate your authentic self, and how to stop looking outward for the causes of your unhappiness.

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Couples Monthly Membership

Go from conflict to passion!

Has your relationship lost its spark? The fun, laughter, and openness you once had? Or are you pondering if your current relationship is right for you? Over time, relationships can change and this, for so many, can mean the increase of conflicts that can gain momentum fast if they aren’t handled correctly. This is where I can help. You care about saving your relationship; otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Discover how monthly support can redirect and revive your relationship.


The Parenting Monthly Membership

“The Pause” Parenting Mentorship Program

Learn how to stay out of reactivity. Get back to intuitive parenting, no one knows your kids like you do. Parenting is one of the most judged arenas in our lives, find support in finding the answers that already reside in yourself, instead of wading through the constant parenting advice we are inundated with. Receive monthly support to catapult you into having the relationships with your kid(s) you most desire.

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Taunya’s practice is located at the corner of Heritage Dr. and Elbow Dr.

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Don’t live nearby? You can meet with Taunya online for your next counselling session.

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What if we aren’t a match?

Not to worry. If you find I’m not a fit for your counselling needs, I can refer you to another practitioner who may better suit your requirements. I care that you get the coaching and support to achieve the relationship you want.

If you're fed up with being in sub-standard relationships, and if you are ready to do the work to create an extremely satisfying relationship, schedule a session with me below now.

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